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Aeropost is a Miami based company with over twenty eight years of experience in the mail and package forwarding business. Our Miami Hub in conjunction with our partners throughout Latin America and the Caribbean allows us to provide end to end service for the members of our network to receive their packages, internet purchases, mail, and logistics services.

Why are our services beneficial l to you?. See our Aeropost Demo.

We provide a state of the art technology platform so that each user in our system has complete control over their packages and mail from the time they arrive at our Miami warehouse to delivery at their address in their home country.

We enable Internet shopping providing each of our members an address in the United States to receive and then forward their purchases to be delivered at their home or office.

 We manage all customs and logistics processing if the customer chooses in order to take the hassle out of logistics control.

We allow large and small companies to manage inventory and dramatically reduce their international shipping costs.

For our users who don't have credit cards or have never shopped online before, we provide shopping assistants to make online shopping easier for our members.

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