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Aeropost Inc. is an innovative company in cross-border e-commerce solutions for Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 27 years of experience and serving 38+ countries. The company has successfully delivered over 10 million packages, reached the USD $1 billion dollar mark in cross-border e-commerce purchases within the region and developed its own cutting-edge e-commerce systems and solutions, including – an online shopping site featuring fully landed product-pricing – and the Quoting Tool – an easy access solution to automatically quote your favorite U.S. online store products with ALL INCLUSIVE PRICES, GUARANTEED and no waiting.

Aeropost is proud to announce its exclusive Alliance with , through which customers will have access to a broad array of exclusive benefits. Aeropost brings a world of possibilities to the customers of eager to shop online at U.S. stores.

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You can prealert your purchases in MyAero using your package’s tracking number. We will give your packages priority handling.

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MyAero App

The MyAero app allows Aeropost clients to track their packages, access the most recent package status information, view package details and review all package history.

MyAero Plug-In

This add-on will make online shopping EASIER, as you will be able to quickly track your packages from a window in your browser.

Descarga MyAero Plugin

How It Works

1 Register Now

Register Now

Click the “Register” button and complete the secure form.

2 Complete Profile

Complete Profile

Complete your profile and enjoy online shopping.

3 Buy Online

Compra en línea

Browse, find what you want and buy your favorites.

4 Prealert Packages

Pre-alert Packages

Sign into MyAero and click the “Prealert” button to receive your new packages faster.

5 Receive Your Packages

Receive Your Packages

At your door or at your local Aeropost store.

What We Offer

Pay for real weight, not volume

Unlike other shippers, we only charge for real weight, not the size of your package.

100% Risk-Free Shopping

Shop, risk-free, with AeroProtect, our exclusive package protection in case of loss, damage, factory defects and more.

All Inclusive Pricing

Get All Inclusive Pricing with our online quoting tool

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